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Lampgram Is The Safest

Developed using the same technology stack as EOS or BitShares, based on well tested Graphene framework.

Autonomy Self-Rule at Lampgram blockchain factory

Autonomy Self-Rule.

Lampgram strives to solve blockchain governance, workflow & transparency issues.

Transparency & Stability in the Blockchain

Transparency & Stability

In Lampgram, the transparency brings trust & strong reliability.


Delegated Proof Of Stake is our focus.

You must make sure that your investment brings you power & money! We do not allow issues on our network. The development team is wholly committed to keeping the project up to date.

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Better Money and Smarter wallet.

Money should be fair and easy! Your keys - your wallet, we are running completely on our own decentralized blockchain providing all of the security keys to the owners of the wallets.

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Upholding Confidentiality & Strong Security.

Make sure that all your coins are in a secure place that is why we provide the ease of holding your own keys & credentials in the digital wallet along with the support of native hardware devices.

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Private Coin Sale, ICO Public Coin Sale, ICO

Coin Sale

ICO of Lampgram will be released on the blockchain platform. It’s compatibility of the coin with third-party services wallets, exchanges, etc. Striving to provide the easy-to-use decentralized plaform.

Stage 01

Pre Sale

Stage 02

Public Coin Sale

Coin Sale Allocation

Launch of the coin sale for major investors with the entry threshold of $100,00

  • 40%

    Public Presale - 276 Million
  • 45%

    Private Presale - 207 Million
  • 30%

    Public Coin Sale - 207 Million
Initial coin offering | ICO

Road Map

The decentralized, distributed Blockchain system that provides innovative businesses opportunities. The platform for big corporations, medium-small businesses, individuals.

Mobile Apps | iPhone X | App Store
Android | Google Play Market app Native application | Cross platform

don’t miss our apps

A Mobile App for Quicker Access.

Now you can control the dashboard from the mobile!

Buy, sell, transfer your coins right from your pocket! Manage your workflow at one handover!

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We Strive to be The Fastest Growing Global Network for Managing Workflow.

We already have our own agency that delivered all kinds of blockchain tech solutions with top security & high speed for such projects as BitShares or Meta1. Check out our achievements.


Global Customers


Years of Experience


Current Stocks


Work Process & Solutions.

We put your ideas and your wishes in the form of a unique project that inspires you. Lampgram Store in the other way helps you to bring the new tech solutions to your business.

Connect to the closest blockchain node

Connect to the closest blockchain node

It was never that easy to have the fastest blockchain connection.

Deposit your coins from the other cryptocurrency exchanges

Deposit your coins from the other cryptocurrency exchanges

Just send and start trading!

Withdraw your money & Receive Money now

Withdraw your money & Receive Money now

Withdraw your coins to fiat or any other way.

Desktop application for Linux, MacOS, Windows

Desktop application for Linux, MacOS, Windows

Access from native platform of your workplace.

Verify The Property on Blockchain

Setup your workflow & finances on the Blockchain

Pay workers securily & quickly track the work progress on the blockchain.


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Decentralized blockchain-based cryptocurrency ecosystem

Meta1 Coin

META1 Trust

Highly scalable decentralized ecosystem

Lampgram Store

Lampgram Store

AI powered store of prefabs and solutions



Decentralized Exchange

Apasia Tech


DAPP & Blockchain development organization



Cryptocurrency exchange

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