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The best solutions for the most complex projects


Development of Large E-Commerce stores & sales systems. Centralized & Blockchain powered, as well as customizitaion of database and support of smart contracts.

Blockchain Development

Decentralized Exchanges & The most complex blockchain projects. Dapps on Ethereum or EOS, everything is available here at one place. Submit a quote on your new project to us!

Web Security

Cybersecurity services, guard analysis, project vulnarabilities. We do not only provide issues - we provide solutions to them. Find and fix it all immediately!


Check out our projects

Blockchain Dapp
Blockchain Dapps


Bitcoin gateway
Cryptocurrency gateways


Bitcoin Exchanges
Decentralized Exchanges


Exchange UI
Exchange UIs

UI & UX, Front-End Development

Blockchain API
Blockchain APIs & Modules


Smart Contract
Smart Contracts & Coins



Take a look at our chronology

  • Timeline, humble beginning
    Dec 2018-Jan 2019
    Our Humble Beginnings

    The big story is coming out of nowhere, we won't die until we achieve. It is not over until we win!

  • Timeline, the ecosystem rockets up
    Feb 2019
    An Agency is Born

    We started doing outsource projects, commiting overwhelmingly more than could be possible in order to open the world of cryptocurrency for companies!

  • Full service
    March 2019
    Transition to Full Service

    We started selling all types of blockchain solutions even the most complex ones!

  • Expansion of the agency & ecosystem
    April 2019 - August 2019
    Phase Two Expansion

    We started working on new products, mastering the old projects, improving customer service, gathering feedbacks, producing lots of content!

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Our Amazing Team

Check out the team behind the project

Dmitriy Shalaev - Lead Blockchain Engineer at Lampgram
Dmitriy Shalaev

Lead Blockchain Engineer

Rostislav Gogolauri - CEO & Founder of Lampgram
Rostislav Gogolauri

Lead Manager

Vladislav Lypovy - Lead Solutions Engineer at Lampgram
Vladislav Lypovy

Lead Solutions Engineer

Alexander Lypkov - Front-End Engineer at Lampgram
Alexander Lypkov

Front-End Engineer

Bohdan Mykhailenko - Data Scientist at Lampgram
Bohdan Mykhailenko

Data Scientist

Max Teodorovich - Front-End Engineer at Lampgram
Max Teodorovich

Front-End Engineer

Siraji - Contributor at Lampgram
Md. Rashedu Siraji

Business Development Manager

Sergiy Sergiychuk - Software Engineer at Lampgram
Sergiy Sergiychuk

Software Engineer

Alex Sliusar - Contributor at Lampgram
Alex Sliusar


We have the highly skilled team, ready to take action immediately and commit way more than anyone can ever imagine! We are here to push beyond the limits!